Brother to Sister : When Women Walk in Freedom

Destiny Unveiled is for women, but we believe in unity. With gender wars that run rampant in our world, there is nothing like having our brothers building up their sisters when it comes to their freedom. We asked a variety of men what did they see when they see their sisters walking in freedom. Our hope and desire is that it encourages you for the journey!  We may have been apart of breaking each other down, but we can also be apart of healing and encouraging one another.

See their responses below!



When women walk in freedom, I see women exhibiting one or more traits of the fruit of the Spirit. She's confident in whose she is and has a presence that bring out the best in people. She's not looking (intentionally) for approval from others and would take constructive feedback into consideration. She's generally confident in her own lane; she sees that being someone she wasn't designed to be is unnecessary. - Richard M. 

"When women walk in freedom I see the empowerment that God intended them to have." To explain, culture has torn apart the true "view" that a woman should have. Media has scrutinized the way that a woman looks at herself while many have been broken in so many ways by relationships, family members and many other things. A woman in her true form shouldn't be burdened so heavily by the opinion of others, instead she can walk in the freedom that God has given her in the way that she was fashioned” - Miles R.

When women walk in freedom, I see confidence and empowerment. When women walk in freedom, I see a boldness about how they treat so called "people better than them." When women walk in freedom its a beautiful sight! When women walk in freedom, everything they are involved in becomes blessed! When women walk in freedom, the radiant of God is evident! - Raymond W.

"What a woman walking in her freedom looks like to me is an impactful woman. To me, women who live out the freedom we have in Christ are open to love and to being loved, are fruitful, and have the heart of a servant. She's far from perfect and she knows it, in fact she embraces her imperfections knowing that our perfect Savior sees her and others as absolutely beautiful and flawless. She's confident, not in her own abilities or attributes, but because of the sovereignty of our Heavenly Father and the validation and confirmation she has through Christ. Her delight is in the Lord and her love for Him is evident in her speech and her deeds.The liberated sister is admired and her presence is an absolute delight to others. Walk in your freedom sisters, we all love and need you! - Cornelius H.

"When women walk in freedom I see one that is no longer seeking validation from others because her identity is found in Christ” - Jeremiah E.

 "Women who walk in freedom, walk with a purpose to exemplify Christ who lives in them." -Elijah M.

"When women walk in freedom, they are free to pursue the purpose and passion that God has on and in their heart.  When women walk in freedom, their hearts are open to being genuinely loved for who they are.  When women walk in freedom, they are willing and able to build up and support other women.  - Andre R.

“When women walk in freedom, they are living with an eternal perspective.” -Julius C.

"When women walk in freedom I see God at work."  - Keenan M.

"When women walk in freedom, I see the beauty & creativity of God on display. I see facets of God's heart, style, and personality that can only be displayed through a woman who is being fully herself."-Bobby O.

“When women walk in freedom, I see a peace that surpasses ALL understanding…” -Torrey J.

"When Women Walk in Freedom I see more joy, authenticity and freedom from what had them in shackles." - Zachary N.

“When women walk in freedom, the inspire others by letting them know they too can also walk in freedom - Michael R.

“When Women Walk in Freedom, I see something valuable, like a jewel or diamond” -Kier S.

“When Women Walk in Freedom of God’s love, it inspires me to live more like Christ. As the character of God is often expressed differently in ladies. I am often awestruck with how one can persevere through very real hurt, pain and struggle, yet still choose to trust God” -Nicholas S.