Dear Rejection + GIVEAWAY!!

Dear Rejection,

Where do I even begin? I am not someone who embraces pain. I am what many would call risk-adverse. I am very calculated in anything that I do. I measure and count the cost before I make a step. It’s how my mind works. However, I would like to say you also played a role in that. Rejection hurt started in childhood and I was finally able to begin the rebuilding process when I was in college. Uncovering deep seated wounds hurt like hell. I didn’t realize healing would be a slow process. That it would be full of many late nights, vulnerability, tears and uncomfortable conversations. But here I am. I am wiser, stronger, confident and better. I am whole. Am I really saying this? I always wondered what wholeness would look like. Being broken has been my theme song. 

I wanted to thank you because I would NOT be the woman I am today. While you may have hindered me from deep connections, taking risks, being myself and walking in my Destiny, you couldn’t hold me down. First and foremost, I wouldn’t know Jesus the way that I do. To know Him as a Good Father not just for everyone else, but myself has been beautiful. This pain pushed me to Him. I would not be walking in my purpose. Out of brokenness was a revelation of what I know God has called me to do. I wouldn’t know the beauty of being vulnerable and exposing my scars. You see, I spent so much of my life performing and always wanting to do things the right way that it stopped me from deep connections.  I started this year off heavy and I knew there was work to be done. Today on November 17, 2016, I am so proud of the woman I have become.  

I know that life will happen and you will try to weasel your way into my mind and situations. Thankfully, I have the proper tools now. 

No more running. My arms are wide open to receive all God has for me. I’m ready.

Rejection – I am so glad you were not meant to have the final say.

All my love,



"Living Loved  When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely" -Uninvited Book


The Uninvited Book has been a life-changing read for me. I saw how unhealthy rejection hurt was playing out into relationships, friendships and connections. I didn't like how I assumed the worst and viewed others around me from a lens of hurt. Lysa touched on so many things that women think, but are ashamed to say out loud. Like scrolling through social media and seeing people out together and those feelings of rejection rise up. Or seeing that cute couple on a date and you start to resent their happiness. There is so much that I learned from this book that challenged me to the core. Here are some scenarios taken from website.

Scenario 1: When someone you know doesn't invite you to their event or gathering, what is your first assumption

Scenario 2: How often do you struggle with the fear of being abandoned by those you love?

Scenario 3: How you you typically feel after spending time on social media?

Scenario 4: How often do you feel suspicious that God has good plans for everyone but  you?

Did any of these scenarios ring a bell?

Now onto the good stuff! I want to gift three women with this book, because I believe in this message. Below is the form to put your name and email address.  Also, in the comment box, let us know how rejection has played out in your life. Every person who enters their information will absolutely be prayed over. Out of those who enter, three women will be selected at random to get the book :)

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