2017: Looking Ahead

Hey everyone!

I highly recommend taking time to PAUSE and REFLECT on 2016. Whether that be a day or a few, create some space to think through all God has done this year. Good, bad and ugly. I came into 2016 in a very dark place. My insecurities were on high and in some ways I felt so helpless. The other night as I was laying in bed, I was overcome with emotion. Why? Because God has done so much this year. I feel like a new woman. I am so grateful for His grace and His unrelentless pursuit of me, flaws and all. Grateful for the healing that has taken place and sweet confidence that only He can give.

I am going on my 6th year doing these yearly reflections and it helps me to remember where I have been, so I can plan for where I want to go.

Check out the Year Compass (link provided below), that will help you assess 2016 and also prepare for 2017!

Can't wait to see all the amazing things that will happen next year!!