Beautiful Mess: What If?

Written by Destiny Oribhabor

Feeding the poor, caring for the oppressed…that’s messy stuff. But what if what God wants is messy? What if, like the Israelites, my spiritual service is a bit too tidy (see Isaiah 58)? A bit too contained in the white walls of religion? A bit too focused on me? What if all this time I’ve been polishing myself up to exhibit spiritual excellence – like it’s some precious jewel – when what God really wanted was something wholly different? Not to stay home perfecting myself, but to go out into the world. To transform it through action, in service and in love.
— Anne Von Schoofield

You ask God to speak and He speaks. I was working out earlier and listening to a podcast and this rocked me to the core. It made me think through and through about things that hinder me from sharing/helping or things that just hinder me period. It always goes back to wanting everything to be in order, before making a move. Always.  I constantly wrestle in this area – that things will be polished, perfect and pristine.  That I’ll be more effective when everything is in line. I’m always striving to “get there.” Not that is inherently bad. Growing and wanting to get better is important, but what if the mess is really where life begins? What if it is in the mess, we get to see His glory. Less of self-helping and more of a dependency on God. What if?

Much of this year has been so miserable honestly, because I’ve been so inward focused, sitting around (well-intended) and waiting for certain parts of me to be fixed. But what if the fruit is in the mess? Taking your hands off and simply serving those around you in all of your flaws, habits and hang-ups?

What if it’s not about perfect circumstances, perfectly filtered instagram pictures, perfect friends and perfect atmospheres, the perfect man? But rolling up my sleeves, and going into the deep with the ones that I love? That doing life and community is more than just a trendy word/phrase, but it’s a way of life? What it?

What if it’s not about always presenting a finished product to people, but being okay with exposing the scars?

What if it’s not about a new thing, but being able to see old things with a new set of eyes?

What if it’s not about always having the right answer or the right thing to say, but getting on your knees and going to the One who knows all?

What if it’s not about having a vision (right NOW) for your life, but allowing God to cultivate it over time?

What if the beauty is in the journey and not just the destination?

What if it’s about loving on people without a clue to properly help them?

What if it’s less about me “getting there” and me getting fixed up. What if it less about me at the end of the day. Less of me, more of we. Less of me. More of Him.

This is the cherry on top in terms of what I finally understand. It took 12 months of wrestling and questions for it to hit home,  but it’s right…ON…TIME.

In the words of my sis, “To be used to be missional EVERY single day instead of looking into a mirror, but looking out to our windows to be devoted to discipling others”

He’s not requiring perfection (Philippians 3:12) to be used, He is asking us to be willing.

Thank you Jesus.

What if?