Drip By Drip

Written by Destiny Oribhabor

“If I could learn all the “right” answers in one marathan event, all the better. I find now that God likes to REVEAL truth over many years, as I study alongside others. I realize now that big “splashes” aren’t usually God’s way of doing things. Instead, through that slow drip of study and prayer, day after day, year after year, he shapes us into what he wants us to be…”

If I can be honest, I get overwhelmed easily when I don’t get things or understand things in the time-frame that I want. I get overwhelmed and bummed when the deep parts of me hasn’t been healed. I grow weary and frustrated and when it gets hard and confusing, my second nature is to run and keep it moving. Crazy way to live, huh? You will be running forever. These past 7 weeks have been enlightenening. Beautiful, frustrating, overwhelming, confusing and everything in between. I’m coming into such a deeper understanding about the Lord. I am not the savior of myself, therefore, I cannot try to change myself, fix myself, or think my way into becoming a better person. All change (lasting change anyway), is through being anchored in the Word. To keep it real, when it came to a deeper study with the Lord years past, I would drop out somewhere in the middle if I didn’t see “change” when I wanted. Sad case, huh? It’s easy for me to fall into the trap of doing things to mark off my religious “to-do” list for the sake of doing it.

What I’m learning? Life isn’t a race, and change isn’t an event. We change overtime, drip by drip.

I’m learning that letting my guard down and being completely vulnerable is a change through the Holy spirit that happens…drip by drip.

To not to be afraid of being overly loving, even when it gets rejected…drip by drip.

Questions that need answers…drip by drip.

To forgive when I’ve been hurt…drip by drip.

To love even in the midst of being misunderstood…drip by drip.

That healing that I’ve been wanting to see for years now…drip by drip.

To show grace when I have been wronged…drip by drip.

To confess and asked for forgiveness when I have wronged a friend…drip by drip.

There has been this amazing older woman that my sisters and I have been able to watch these past few weeks and it’s so beautiful to see how she loves people. I desire to love people like that…but I realize that takes time. Drip by Drip.

“This transformation from legalism to love happens OVER time by His spirit…drip by drip. And as HE stripes us of ourselves and we unravel one another, we find we are giving others ‘space, GRACE and time to grow…” -Carmen Schroeder

How profound is that? It seems like a domino effect huh? Holy spirit changes us first, to move from a legalistic or unloving perspective, to being stripped of legalism to genuine/true love for one another. It then changes the lens we view people. Instead of being annoyed by their issues, we then love them through and give them space, grace and time to grow.

It all begins with Him first changing us.

If you are like me and are a bit overwhelmed because you are not YET who you desire to be. Give yourself grace. As you seek Him, He is chipping away at your old nature. In years to come, you will be surprised at all the work he Has done. It doesn’t mean there is no fruit developing because of what is not yet actualized. You are being changed. 

Drip by Drip.