The End of Me : Dreams and Plans for 2018

"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps." - Proverbs 16:9

Things have been quiet around me lately. I had the chance to take a few weeks off work until the end of the year and God is busting my heart wide open. I was listening to a podcast the other day and the woman being interviewed stated that, "Revelation comes from rest." This has been so true for me. When there is stillness and no hustle and bustle, you might be surprised at what God reveals to you, both good and bad. 

This has been one amazing year for Destiny Unveiled and also for my own personal journey. God has stretched me greatly with speaking engagements. Something I have never EVER wanted for my life, but an area where people have spoken life into. It's been extremely uncomfortable to say the least, but that's how we grow right? He has also stirred in me this new passion for photography and videography. If you told me that this would be the year I would buy a camera and shoot small photoshoots, I would have given you the side-eye. 

With this last week of the year, I have noticed this apathy grow in my heart that I haven't really liked. While God has been so kind and sweet this year, there have been some things I have pondered in my heart and disappointed that I didn't see Him move like I would have hoped. So, I'm at a crossroad. We know that the just live by faith and without faith it's impossible to please God, right? How do you reconcile walking by faith and also allowing God to be in control? I'm not sure fully, but I may be on to something. 

Walking by faith is not something we muster up in ourselves. It's not some "positive vibe" that we conjure up on our own. Walking by Faith comes first by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  Faith is active, it's not a passive thing. However, to walk by faith it comes from getting our marching orders from God. Not ourselves and fleeting desires. 

Proverbs 16:9a (NASB) states that, "The mind of man plans their way..."

Mind translated in it's original language (Hebrew) is called leb. This is defined as our inner man, mind, will, and understanding. In other words, our mind/will has an idea of how it thinks life should go, but ultimately God is the one who establishes/prepares our steps. 

"Many Christians are guilty of carrying out their own plans without depending on God’s direction. They do not bathe their decisions in prayer, seek godly counsel, accept the lot into which God has cast them, or watch for the various ways God directs them. They refuse to consider all that God has revealed. The result is a life marred by anxiety and frustration." -Ligonier Ministries

Proverbs 16:9b (NASB) "...but the Lord DIRECTS their steps." 

Directs translated in it's original language (Hebrew) is called kun. It is defined as establish, set up, accomplish, do, make firm, to prepare. In other words God establishes, accomplishes, makes firm and prepares our steps. 

This reminded me of an illustration I heard from Priscilla Shirer a few years ago. On the set of  Michael Jackson's Bille Jean music video (remember when he walks on those pre-lit steps), the director of the music video prepared the way and pre-lit the steps for him to walk on. He could have stepped anywhere, because hello it's Michael Jackson, but he followed the lead of the director's instructions.

I came to this revelation in the middle of my pity party. I love how God will speak to us when we aren't necessarily trying to hear Him. There are many things I am believing God to establish in 2018. He has given me this word to hold onto. Initially, I had the mindset of all the things I needed to do in my own strength to make it happen. Now I realize it will take being yielded, submission and literally coming to the end of myself, so that He can begin. In order for us to know which steps He has already prepared for us (Ephesians 2:10), will come from fine-tuning our discernment and allowing the Word of God to illuminate our paths.

I know a lot of planning/vision-boarding is going on currently, which is good. My prayer is that we will include God in our plans. That our Bible will be nearby and that we will soak our plans with prayer. 

Reaching the end of me is a daily journey I must make because it’s where Jesus shows up and my real life in Him begins. Jesus will show us that blessings and fulfillment is found in the least likely place – the end of ourselves. -Kyle Idleman

In order to see God do something in our lives that isn't the same as years past that is above and beyond, let's get out of the way so He can begin. Let Him establish your steps. This is my New Year's Resolution - Resolving NOT to do anything APART from Him.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Destiny Oribhabor