What do you need to surrender?

I realized I had a slightly skewed perception about what it means to be brave. I thought brave was the person who was very sure of themselves, the person who never felt weak, someone who appeared strong and bold. In some cases, those are characteristics of someone who is brave. But that’s not the full scope of what it means to be brave. 

The Lord was showing me lately how bravery and surrender go hand-in-hand. I can’t wrap my mind around how releasing things to God, gives Him room to move. I’ve always felt that I needed to DO something and CONTROL things. Lately, that has left me a bit exhausted. What He put on my heart in this season is Surrender. 

Surrender - to give up, to abandon, to relinquish

Ladies, what do you need to let go? Maybe you can identify with these:

o You might be a mom who has been dealing with a wayward child, and you are astounded by their misbehavior. You have sought wise council, read books, you have done everything in your strength, but let it go.

o Maybe there is a woman who is struggling in her marriage. You are clueless about what to do and you find yourself secretly comparing your marriage to others. You have tried everything in the book, but you have not surrendered over your marriage to Him.

o Maybe there is a single woman, who has a huge desire for marriage. You have tried tinder, match.com, eHarmony and even Christian mingle, but you are STILL single. You have gone to all the singles ministry events inside and outside of the church and nothing has changed. Maybe God is waiting on you to surrender over this beautiful desire to him.

o Maybe you are a dreamer. God has given you this amazing vision for a business, organization and non-profit. And things have been moving. You are starting to see the fruit of your labor, but deep down inside, you know that God is not really in it.  You have been directing the show by your own strength and efforts. God is waiting for you to release it, so He can blow your mind with how things can look, if you would only give it to him.

o Maybe you have a negative mindset and you can't fathom God providing for you. Maybe God is waiting on your to surrender over your doubts, fear and worry to Him. 

o Maybe you are struggling with an offense. It's time to release that person, forgive and allow the Lord to work. Holding onto the offense opens the door for bitterness. God is waiting for you to surrender over the situation, hurt and pain to Him.

Surrender is hard. Trust me. I've spent many a nights crying and on my knees. I'm so glad though that we can lean on Him. Going forward, the Lord has put on my heart to spend some time reassessing some things in regards to mission, ministry and purpose to hear Him. I would LOVE your prayers during this time of getting still and quiet.

A sweet woman reminded me the other day, sometimes in order to move forward we have to take a step back. There is bravery in what we relinquish and give up to Him.

Check out video below. Got to share with the women at my church this message that has been burning in my heart. I pray it blesses.