It had to happen: Thank God they didn't clap for you + embracing rejection...

for I know that through your prayers and God's provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance – Philippians 1:19

Around the same time last year, I posted this blog ‘The End of Me: Dreams and Plans of 2018’. I wrote that from a dark place. I knew that I wanted to spend 2018 fighting from this negative space and embracing His perspective. Rejection is a touchy subject for so many of us, including myself. We all want to be doted on, embraced and accepted. We want people to like what we do. We want to belong. Can I be honest and say sometimes we want that from a place that isn’t always realistic or healthy. It’s absolutely important to have people in our lives who support us and spur us on the journey for our benefit, yes. God is kind enough to bring those connections into our lives. God is also kind enough to allow tension in those connections that mean a lot to us to show us our idols.

 While there are situations that do need to be handled with care and sometimes separation is important when something is unhealthy. I also think that God allows rejection for our benefit. In the moment It doesn’t feel good, but we can be quick to villainize, demean and go on passive aggressive social media tirades about not needing any new friends. Let’s just say, that has definitely been me. What about if we paused our reactions and asked, “God, what are you trying to teach me in this?”

I don’t think God is rubbing his hands (bird-man hand rub) with a mischievous grin saying, “I am going to set up these hard situations, so I can teach them a lesson.” Rather, I think He allows them for our benefit – for character development. I am so thankful for 2018 and sitting with Him to do the work in relation to rejection. I had to come face to face with questions like, “Why does this hurt so bad, why do I NEED to always be approved. Why does my worth and value always have to come in question when someone doesn’t embrace me how I would like?” He has shown me how I have silently wanted applause and approval in order to feel better about myself. I am so glad that He allowed rejection, because it brought me to my knees. I am so glad that certain individuals did not clap for me, because He knew it would push me to Him -- feeling forgotten, the heart-break, the pain, the rejection. Thank God it happened. It has given me a perspective I never thought I could embrace. It has made me the woman I am today. 

 I know across the board there might be some hard things you have faced this year. Things that are not yet reconciled. Pain that is yet to heal and connections that are yet to be restored and reconciled. I have come to a place of thankfulness and gratitude to Him, in spite of things not working the way I would have hoped. I am so thankful for the places that those who I would have hoped would have supported me, did not. I am thankful for the doors that God chose to close.  I am thankful for the times I felt unseen and forgotten, because He needed me to see that I am seen by Him. That He was using the pain all along for my personal deliverance. How would we know that God restores/delivers if we never go through things? God will allow certain things to happen not because people are inherently bad. Sometimes He allows it to push us to our need for Him. To show us that the ultimate approval and praise we need is from Him and Him alone.

Thank you God for withholding certain things from me to make me better. At the end of the day, rejection was never supposed to have the final say.

 I am so glad it happened,


DU Takeaway: To those who are reading, we may not know the nature of all that you have endured this year, but we encourage you to take time to assess your year. Take time over the next few days to get His perspective on things. Specifically on rejection. Ask Him to search your heart and to show you areas that might need refining. Let Him also comfort those areas that you might still be processing. In all of it, just seek Him. He desires to hear from you. If you ever have any questions or need prayer, it is our joy to do so. Feel free to email us at