Car Moments: Lessons In-between - Issue #1

Welcome to Car Moments: Lessons in-between

 Hey everyone! My name is Destiny Oribhabor and I am the founder of Destiny Unveiled. We were incorporated in March of 2016 and we finally launched in July. God has been downloading vision and instructions ever since! So glad to have you apart of the journey. Feel free to check out our about us page to get more information about our mission and vision. 

I wanted to welcome you to the monthly newsletter updates titled, Car Moments: Lessons in-between. 

"These are the moments that define our lives. These small, inconspicuous times of waiting. Moments that force us to become better people. Learning to embrace these moments, instead of racing through them, is the secret to living a life we can be proud of. And as we learn to live in this waiting period, we find that these inconvenient moments are, in fact, our greatest opportunities for growth" - Jeff Goins

According to the dictionary, in between is defined as a state or position that is in the middle between two other things. God talks to me greatly when I am in the car, as I am in-between one destination to the next. I told friends a few years ago that the divine words He speaks to me I have penned as my "car-moments." In these moments He has challenged me, likethis morning,  revealing icky pride in my heart, to encouragement, instructions and so much more.

On the First Monday of every month, I will be sharing gems I have learned along the journey and revelations from Him. Included in these monthly postings will be updates and new things happening for Destiny Unveiled and so much more!

I have not arrived. Honestly, who has?  We can be so focused on the destination that we don't take stock of what God is teaching us in the now. There are things that we learn during the in-betweens that will propel us for what's to come. Hopefully the lessons I'm learning (good, bad and ugly) will encourage you in your own personal in-beweens! 

Much Love,


Saddleback Church Worship, Christy Nockels performs "Waiting Here For You" during February 17, 2013 service. Christy Nockels website: