Friendship & Reconciliation

Destiny & Michone

"But having your soul knit to another isn’t for the faint of heart..." - Melanie Shankle

Oh how true is this. The road to friendship and having your soul knit to another isn't always a pretty process. It can be full of laughter, sweet moments, rejection, misunderstandings, hardship AND deep pain. It's not matter of if conflict comes, but when it does, fighting FOR and NOT against the friendships God places in our lives. 

10 years of friendship doesn't come without struggle. While there are so many things not mentioned during this conversation about some of the things Michone and Destiny faced in their friendship, we hope it does encourage you to fight for the people in your lives and not against.

 Check out the YouTube video below of a conversation between friends and their journey to reconciliation. 

"Lord, when loving my fellow sister would you disarm my fear, deny my flesh and deploy my feet" -Liz Gregory Steckel